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Brushing your child's teeth twice daily helps prevent tooth decay but it's not exactly enough. The brush bristles may have a hard time cleaning the grooves and pits in your child's molars. Your Grand Rapids, MI, children's dentist, Dr. Daniel Grode of Beckwith Family Dental Care, can protect your child's teeth with dental sealants.

What Are Dental Sealants?

The grooves and pits in your child's molars provide an excellent hiding place for food particles and bacteria. When these particles and bacteria build up, they increase your child's risk of getting a cavity. Dental sealants work like a protective barrier for your child's teeth against dental plaque and food debris.

Your child's dental sealants can last between 5-10 years. So, as long as the dental sealants are intact, your child's teeth are protected. Getting long-lasting dental sealants is a great preventive option offered by your Grand Rapids, MI, children's dentist.

Who Needs Dental Sealants?

If you're worried about your child's oral health, taking them to the dentist for dental sealants is a great way to start. A great time to get dental sealants for your kids is around age 6 when their permanent molars begin to erupt. You can visit your dentist for another round of dental sealants when your child's second molars erupt between 11-14 years.

Dental Sealants Procedure

Getting dental sealants is one procedure that your child shouldn't be scared of because it's non-invasive and completely painless. Dental cleaning by your dentist removes all plaque and food debris. If your child's teeth aren't completely clean and dry, the dental sealants can fall off too soon.

After the cleaning is done, your dentist will apply a special gel to your child's molars and rinse them off after a few minutes. Next, your dentist will dry your teeth and paint on the dental sealant and allow it to set with LED blue light. You only need a few minutes for the entire procedure.

Getting dental sealants may alter your child's bite slightly. Nevertheless, things return to normal a few days later. Your child can eat right after getting dental sealants and you can just go on caring for their teeth as you normally would. Also, the dental sealants won't stand out each time your child laughs or talks because they are invisible.

Call your Grand Rapids, MI, children's dentist, Dr. Grode of Beckwith Family Dental Care, at (616) 459-0478 to discuss getting dental sealants for your kids.

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