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Dental health issues such as bad breath, crooked, stained, or chipped teeth can make it difficult to socialize. Fortunately, these issues are avoidable and treatable when you visit our Grand Rapids, MI, family dentist. It's never too late to improve your smile, and it's never too late to learn the value of preventive care.

If you need a refresher, Dr. Daniel Grode at Beckwith Family Dental Care can help with daily brushing habit techniques, daily flossing, toothbrush replacement, nutritional impact on teeth, and much more. He can also recommend services that will improve the health, appearance, and feel of your smile, as well as give you a confidence boost.

The Importance of Preventive Care 

At Beckwith Dental Care, preventive dentistry services include regular oral exams (typically every six months or as needed), professional cleanings, and routine x-rays. Preventive care not only helps you maintain your oral health, but it also helps you develop good oral care habits, such as brushing and flossing, that may be lacking.

Preventive dentistry teaches you that a little bit goes a long way. Reduced consumption of acidic and sugary foods and beverages, for example, can help to minimize dental plaque buildup, which is the leading cause of gum disease. Regular preventive dental care is an important part of overall health for people with chronic conditions, and our family dentist in Grand Rapids, MI, is here to optimize yours.

When you visit Beckwith Dental Care for a professional cleaning and oral examination, Dr. Daniel Grode can help lower your risk of developing periodontal disease, tooth decay, and other harmful dental problems. He can also examine the neck, jaw, and other related areas to look for concerns in the mouth.

If your teeth are already a little worn for wear, our Grand Rapids, MI, family dentist can discuss general, cosmetic, and restorative treatment options to improve your smile's health, look, and feel. Make an appointment with our family dentist in Grand Rapids, MI, by calling (616) 459-0478.

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